Helping 1,000 with Cyber Security.

Let's transform the Caribbean into the Cyber Security and Data Privacy hub of the world.

Use the hashtag #CS1K on social media.

Here's the breakdown of targets you can adopt.

Medium to Large Enterprises

Help at least 1,000 (1K) Caribbean persons and businesses per year.

Small businesses

Help at least 100 Caribbean persons and businesses per year.


Help at least 10 Caribbean persons per year.

Ways to help a person or business

Help to create progress, whether in a professional or friendly capacity.

Support technology

Support to help a person/business use technology to protect themself from cyber-attacks and compromises.

Improve a process

Support to either design, improve or manage a process that supports Cyber Security.

Educate a person

Give someone useful information and guidance about Cyber Security topics.

Quick Questions & Answers

If below doesn't answer your question, please contact me using the information HERE.

It is an initiative to develop the Caribbean into a high performance Cyber Security Hub and is an initiative by Gavin Dennis, an internationally experienced Cyber Security Consultant originally from Jamaica.

Everyone but especially those who are often in a position to help someone with a Cyber Security matter such as someone who offers a service as an individual or business entity. (e.g. Consultants, MSP, MSSP, software vendors, Lectures, educational institutions, and other IT Businesses).

The hashtag is #CS1K, and we want everyone participating to use it in their related posts on social media so all of us can stay updated with the progress different people and businesses are making to help develop Cyber Security in the Caribbean.